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Our Campus

120 West Century Road
Paramus, NJ  07652

The Frisch School moved into our new home at 120 West Century Road in Paramus at the beginning of the 2007-08 school year.

The 14 acre Henry & Esther Swieca Family Campus and The Mordecai and Monique Katz Academic Building, together more than twice the size of the facility which housed our yeshiva for its first thirty-five years,  provide the Frisch community with space in which to learn, greater opportunities through which to grow, and better tools with which to teach. Modern technology meshes with the values of Modern Orthodoxy, in an environment that preserves the warmth and close-knit communal ambiance which has become the hallmark of The Frisch School.

The academic building includes our Beit Midrash and formal learning areas. Thirty-four generously sized classrooms are located along the perimeter of the building to maximize exterior light. Six laboratories, two each in biology, chemistry, and physics have been outfitted with the most modern equipment and technology.  Located at the front of the academic area and in close proximity to the building entrance and cafeteria are the Administrative offices, ensuring the same open door access for students, faculty and parents for which Frisch is known.

Our expanded learning center is located in proximity to the library and computer room. Here, students with a wide range of abilities benefit from the academic support provided in a spacious and inviting environment.

Recognizing the importance of providing a space for students to relax during the course of the day, a dedicated student lounge has been incorporated into each level of the building. Comfortable furniture, computer access and proximity to the academic areas on both levels make these accessible, comfortable spaces in which students can interact with one another.

Faculty workspace includes conference rooms, a faculty lounge, faculty workrooms and space for faculty and student advisory meetings.

We invite you to join those who have already come forward to  support the construction of the new Frisch campus. Your contribution will serve to uphold the proud tradition of The Frisch School and build on the legacy borne of the generosity of previous generations. As the children of alumni enroll to learn, and our alumni return to teach, we appreciate the importance of this legacy.

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Beit Midrash and Beit Knesset
Situated at the center of all campus activity, the Beit Midrash is the perfect environment for informal learning b’Chavruta, in Chaburot, and in small groups. The Beit Midrash is home to our Senior Minyan and our YU sponsored Kollel program.  Throughout the day the Beit Midrash is filled with both individual students and classes immersed in Torah study.

Our Sephardi Beit Midrash, located next to the Beit Knesset houses our Sephardi Minyan, which continues to grow every year.

The Beit Knesset, which accommodates the school’s main daily Minyan, seats 800 people. The entire school gathers here for assemblies, to hear guest lecturers, to celebrate Smachot and Chagigot, and to mark and observe moments of solemnity and reflection.

Athletic Facilities
One of the jewels of our new campus is the sprawling Zayat Athletic Center.  In addition to a 20,000 square-foot gymnasium, our new outdoor facilities include a softball field, two tennis courts, a basketball court, and a running track.

Our new gymnasium has two full basketball courts with a specially designed floor for hockey, volleyball and indoor soccer. The layout of the gymnasium allows for multiple teams to hold practices simultaneously.

Our bright, inviting and spacious cafeteria, including  lovely outdoor patio, with a full-service kitchen and food service area is a popular spot for lunch as well as informal study.  Nutritious hot entrees and vegetables, as well as soup, pizza, sandwiches and a fresh salad bar are available daily. Students are able to pay for lunch with cash or with refillable prepaid lunch cards. All meals are prepared in our kitchen by  our chef, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America.

Student Activity Center & Auditorium
The Student Activity Center is the hub for student life outside the classroom at Frisch.  Included in this area are designated music and art rooms, a publications and photography room and the student activity area in which students work on programs and events, honing the leadership skills that are so important as they prepare for their roles in the greater Jewish community.

The Beit Knesset, when not functioning in its central role, serves as an 800-seat auditorium and home to the Frisch Drama Society.  A full backstage area with dressing rooms, set storage and professional lighting and sound equipment offers the perfect setting for the development of the technical production and dramatic talents of our students.

The library is designed to accommodate serious study and research, casual group study, as well as the independent, academic pursuits of our students and faculty. Included are large tables for group study, multiple private areas for quiet reading or solitary work, computer stations, wireless access for laptops, and a student copy center.

This dual-level area houses Frisch’s already extensive collection of literature, works in history and science reference materials, and general interest titles, along with an extensive Torah Studies collection in English and Hebrew.  CD-ROM and DVD collections are being added to an already impressive collection.

The Frisch School - The Henry & Esther Swieca Family Campus
The Mordecai and Monique Katz Academic Building
West 120 Century Road, Paramus, New Jersey, 07652
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